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12 Budget friendly gift ideas for the active person

Here’s a list of 12 items that can accessorize and keep your athlete motivated this winter. An list has been created and be found by searching “Active 2017” or click here.

SUB Sports Thermal Neck Warmer

Price $8.50

A great way to keep warm during cool mornings. Can be used as a headband or a workout towel.

Honstek In-Ear Earbud Headphones X6, Mic Control and Noise Isolating Earphones, iPhone and Android Compatible

Price $13.99

One reviewer said “it’s the best wired headphone for under $25!”

Sweatproof, slip proof, and a good way to stay motivated. But if you are hardcore, you don’t need anything but music already in your head!

Foam Roller for Best Muscle Massage & Deep Tissue Trigger - Roll & Stretch Tool

Price $24.99

So many ways to use a foam roller! This should be used anytime you check your facebook or email while sitting on the floor. Make your multitasking a little healthier.

Massage Ball - Spiky for Deep Tissue Foot, Back, Plantar Fasciitis & All Over Body Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy

Price $8.97

We all sit at our home computers. Use this little tool to massage your plantar fascia after a long day of standing or wearing heels.

Perform Better Exercise Super Band, Red, 1/2"

Price $8.97

Superbands are very portable, and is a very flexible tool for enhancing functional training routines. These elastic bands will give your muscles a challenging workout when used properly.

Bear KompleX 3 hole hand grips

Price $34.98

They are comfortable and keeps your hand cool while avoiding blisters when handling steel bars, kettlebells and pull up bars. Great alternative from gloves. Get them!!

StashBandz Unisex Travel Money Belt

Price $19.99 + S/H

Keep your hands free and store your stuff comfortably.

Compression Socks

Price $19.99

Gonna be on your feet a long time? Hiking? Running? These compression socks assist circulation and reduces fatigue.

Sport Towel with ZIPPER POCKET

Price $17.99

Seriously, why wasn’t this invented when towels were invented? Brilliant idea, but don’t throw your phone into the wash with the towel.

Meal Prep Zone 3 Compartment Food Storage

Price $12.95

So you want to get a handle on your eating portions? This is the only way to look like you’re really serious about it.

Top Rated Muscle Roller Stick

Price $17.99

Use this to roll out your muscles, including the hard to reach Piriformis and Suboccipital muscles!

Physical Therapist Recommended, Gravity Fitness Stretching Strap

Price $16.99

You could use your belt, but this strap gives you options. Plus, it’s 8 feet long with 12 loops!

So there you go, a short list of items guaranteed to make someone smile for Christmas. Check out the rest of the items not listed that are also great at “Active 2017” on!

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