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New year, old you. (But it gets better!)

It's the truth, there are no warranties when it comes to your health and your body. We receive what is given to us, and our life circumstances and the choices we make craft what is to become of our viability...hopefully for the better. Being a steward of your body takes work and mindfulness, and how it thrives (or gives in) to our nature+nurture set of circumstances can be a source of disappointment, but it doesn't have to be so. What we do in life, and how we approach our challenges can also be a source of inspiration and hope especially when we can see the gains big and small. Here are some suggestions on how to take the win.

Be Proactive with Nature+Nurture

Taking initiative and being responsible for your life isn't always easy. But it is necessary to avoid leaving healthcare outcomes to chance. We don't have control over our genetic makeup, but it is a scientific fact that we can influence gene expression or gene entire discipline of Epigenetics is dedicated to the idea that our genes function as switches, activated and deactivated by our livelihood.

For example, you may have the genes to be a great athlete but never express this feature because you've chosen or are not in a circumstance to train and enjoy it's benefits. Another example, you may have the gene for addiction to alcohol or tobacco, but you've chosen not to be around circumstances of those substances. Either way, YOU chose the outcome beforehand, and act on the behaviors that promote them.

Be like Tony Stark

You know Tony, aka Marvel's Iron Man®. He's the man that assembled a team of other superheroes to accomplish great things on the earth. You want to accomplish great outcome? Then be like Tony and assemble your team of superheroes. These may include body therapists, relevant doctors, and those who can cheer you on and share in the joy of your success. Beware, there are those who are unhappy when you succeed, or are jealous at your gains. Choose wisely.

Find your tribe

There's an African proverb saying..."If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together".

When it comes to your health and it's destination, you are in for the long game. It's an ultramarathon that can span decades, and you need pitstops at different points of the journey. At times, you need pitstops much sooner than expected!

Find people who share similar values as yours when it comes to healthcare objectives. Find inspiration in others, and be an inspiration to others as well. Visit your professional superheroes to make sensible gains in your journey. It's an investment to have qualified providers be available to help you overcome and thrive over temporary challenges in your health journey.

Finding a community that resonates with your ideals is easier than ever, and with the internet so readily available, there's no excuse to be uninformed and unconnected. By the way, it's a skill to learn how to filter out data. Not all information on the internet is true, and even when it's true...ask yourself "Is it relevant?"

Note of encouragement

Whatever your healthcare goals, you are not alone. You are unique in your circumstances, and that is why YOU have to forge your own way, assemble YOUR own team, and gather YOUR RESOURCES. Your gains may vary in success at different times and in different areas. Take your wins and continue building up when you can, and develop a reasonable expectation for overcoming your goals. You can do this, and YOU ARE WORTH IT!

-Dr. Adrian and Dr. Christine

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