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Guide to Gadgets for Stay-At-Homers

We've had 9 months to practice for the next 12. But if 2021 is going to be anything like the prior year, at least we can make it a bit more comfortable, cleaner, and more organized. After all, every major points of interest-school, work, and dining, are originating from the same location for many of us...our own home. Let's get to it.


COVID has made these devices more common and affordable to own in your home. But what does it do exactly?

Pulse oximeters are used to measure your heart rate and oxygen saturation. Understanding these values can help you decide whether you are having respiratory distress that is affecting your oxygen intake. Many people experiencing shortness of breath, fatigue, and body aches are often associated with hypoxia, a condition of where your lungs are inadequately absorbing oxygen...and in severe cases can cause you to pass out, or worse, death. Find out from your primary care physician or your urgent care what the saturation threshold is for hospitalization, and the pulse oximeter can be your go-to tool.


This is a glorified pressure cooker that can saute, steam, and simplify your cooking. Steaks, poultry and veggies can be completely cooked from the freezer and into the instapot and be ready to serve in 20-40 minutes. Cooking at home gives you complete control of your ingredients, and let's face it...eating out gets expensive and less healthy. So let's go to flavortown!


This is a kind of a glorified toaster oven that uses convection to circulate heat around your food. Put fruits, meats, veggies on the wire tray, come back in about 20-30 minutes, and have yourself a low fat, crispy, and delicious meal that avoided bathing in a deep frier or vat of oil! Yummy!


No gym, no problem. These bands come in various resistance thicknesses, and have hundreds of uses and exercise application. These bands travel well and can maintain some or much of your muscle tone from turning to mush in 2021...unless they are already mushed from 2020!


These dumbells are great space savers, and can work out your entire body in a short time. Learn which exercises are appropriate for your situation, and also learn to gauge how much you can challenge yourself on a regular basis. Get pumpin!


Having enire families stay at home makes for easy clutter and dirty floors. Make cleaning a breeze with this handheld vacuum, because the easier it is to clean, the more you'll do it. Suck it up!


Too much sitting has it's drawback. But so does too much standing! Alternate your workstation position throughout the day with one of these devices and give your behind a break. A standing mat will pair nicely with a stand up conversion!


These blenders can be hand-held, converted into a food processor, and whip up a protein smoothie in no-time! Making food at home gives you ultimate control of your ingredients, and will facilitate your detox routine for years to come!


This gadget sprays a very fine mist, like a humidifier, into your personal space, your hard to wipe surfaces, and anything that needs to be sanitized. Use alcohol, organic disinfectant, or any combination of sanitizing solutions to decontaminate any surface. This rechargeable device is easy to travel with, and can be used to humidify (use water only for this purpose) a dry hotel room!


Necessity is the mother of all invention. Take a look at your own situation and discover how you can better simplify and organize your workstation. Remember that YOU should be the master of your devices, not the other way around!

Dr. Adrian Pujayana has been in private practice in South Pasadena since 2000, providing guidance and care for athletes of all ages in professional and recreational settings.

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