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BUILDING BLOCKS: Master 1 pillar at a time for a lifetime of healthy habits

Healthy changes in your life take time, patience and accountability in order to become permanent.

Do you have some healthcare goals like eating better, sleeping and exercising? Then, this is the place for learning and accountability, to make changes that matter most to your health.

There is so much information on the internet about how you can improve, enhance, and master your health. And it helps to condense this vast amount of information into applicable categories that you can tackle one at a time. BUILDING BLOCKS will address the following pillars that you can grasp and implement on a week to week basis:

  • Detoxing...when and how.

  • Diet types and when you choose them.

  •'s more than just water.

  • Sleep...getting more of it, staying asleep, and strategies.

  • Exercise...what's important, why, and how much.

  • Cleaning products and personal care...are we poisoning ourselves?

For more information about our class, contact us at (626) 441 - 4888 and talk to Monica.

All classes are 60 minutes (30 min. lecture + 30 min. implementation strategies). All classes are FREE but must be RSVP'd.

We hope you'll join us at 6pm:

  • Tuesday January 24, 2023

  • Tuesday February 7, 2023

  • Tuesday February 21, 2023

  • Tuesday March 7, 2023

  • Tuesday March 21, 2023

  • Tuesday April 4, 2023


Dr. Christine Smith

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