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Sinus pressure release treatment

The common cold is a type of upper respiratory tract infection where bacteria colonizes the endonasal pasages and sinuses. Bacterial infections often produce a colorful mucous, yellow to green in color, and are associated with mucous membrane productivity and swelling.

This of course can lead to difficulty breathing, sleeping, and produce head pressure that makes day to day activities become uncomfortable.

We recommend various means of being pro-active in the cold and flu season, by doing the following BEFORE you catch a cold, or if you are in the presence of a community of sick people around you...

BEFORE the cold arrives, or shortly after:

1. Use zinc and ecchinacea throat spray as directed. These products help coat the throat pasages to prevent bacterial adhesion to the mucous membranes.

2. Use colloidal silver drops directly into the nasal passages. This can also coat and eliminate bacterial adhesion to the endonasal pasages, reducing or preventing colonization of bacteria in that space.

3. Use a diffuser with clove. Humidifiers or diffusers are helpful in keeping the ambient air humid. But the use of clove helps to reduce the potency of airborne bacteria, potentially causing them to be less adherent and less effective in causing infection.

4. Use a HEPA room filter. Reducing airborne particles from a room also helps reduce their settlement into your lungs and nasal passages. Airborne particulates may contain bacteria, but can also dry up mucous lining in your throat and nasal passages, making an opportunistic bacterial adhesion take hold of the surface.

5. Nasaline rinse. Nasaline is a product that is used to flush saline into the endonasal passages and directly flush any mucous, bacteria, or production that is settled in the sinus and endonasal cavity. It is a superior product compared to a Nety pot, which is graviational driven, versus the Nasaline which is a forced output by syringe plunger.

AFTER the cold arrives...

1. Use a zinc / ecchinacea / colloidal silver nasal drops directly into the nasal passage. Lay on your back and look up when applying the drops, and inhale through the nose to pull the tincture into the nasal passage.

2. Continue with steps 3-5 as described above.

Prevention is better than intervention, but there are going to be times when a community acquired cold, flu, or illness can overwhelm your system no matter what you do! So take inventory of your circumstance, and observe the sick people around you so you can be proactive!

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