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Family Chiropractic Center of South Pasadena (FCCSP) is a place for active adults, children, and community.

It is a place where Doctors and Staff participate in patient care and wellness.

It is a place where treatments  prepare patients for a drug-free and pain-free return to activities of recreation and daily living.

FCCSP has been a community resource for pain management and strength based Chiropractic care since 2000.

​We believe that individual growth comes from constructive change.

We invite you to adopt changes that are safe, measureable, and allied with your personal health needs.

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Thank you!

This recognition to be one of the "Best of the Southland" really caught us by surprise!  We are honored to be featured in the L.A. Times (AND Pasadena Weekly Nov 2021) to be nominated and voted by you!

A successful organization is made up with great people, and we want to recognize the outstanding staff who make our office a place of value to the community, and for their commitment to profesional and personable patient care.

We hope that FCCSP can be a place of inspiration and a resource for wellness for many years to come!

With much gratitude,

Dr. Adrian and Dr. Christine

Our Annual

watch an Endonasal balloon inflation procedure.


A method of safely mobilizing cranial and facial structures.

The skull consists of nearly 30 bones connected by sutures and articulations that are meant to be microscopically moveable.  Head and facial impact, trauma, and chronic head tension can reduce cranial mobility which can produce symptoms in and around the cranial region.  Endonasal procedures such as this has been effective in restoring the cranial structure and function through the application of balloon inflation into the endonasal space!  Check it out!

-Dr. Adrian

Our Annual

Any body part can be adjusted...including your feet!


Our feet supports our body weight, and even more in situations of athletic demands.  Like any joints in your spine, adjusting your extremities (shoulders, hips, ankles, wrists, etc.) can provide immediate relief to compressed bone and connective tissue structures.  Watch how we address foot pain!

Our Annual

This ROUTINE is not for everyone, but should BE!


A Whole Body Progression In Under 20 Minutes!

The stretching routine presented may not be for everyone!  There's some static stretching, and some slow dynamic movements through a stretch position. Use your sensibilities...and BREATHE...PAUSE...and REPEAT until your muscles feel settled into the stretch.  Follow along at your own pace!

- FCCSP Stretch Studio -

Back Massage


If you intend on using your health insurance at our facility, just keep in mind the following:

  1. FCCSP is a professional medical facility.

  2. Insurance may not cover all your services.

  3. Your insurance benefits may have changed without you knowing.

We will do our best to find out about your coverage if you provide the information, but your are responsible for what the insurance does not cover.


UPDATED Feb. 2024

FCCSP has maintained a rigorous COVID response and sanitation plan that has kept patients and staff from having any COVID outbreaks for the last  3.5 years! 

Although a mask is no longer necessary, we leave it to the patients to keep their masks on or off during their encounter at the FCCSP.

We hope your visit with us can be meaningful, and add quality to your daily life and future ambitions!




All the best,

Family Chiropractic Center of South Pasadena
Dr. Adrian and Dr. Christine

A Message From The Doctors

2024!!! What a year...again!


We know that despite this stressful time, we find comfort in knowing that our God is still in control of our world, and can redeem painful moments and grief experience into something far greater than what we can conceive at the moment.

We are as people, still responsible for our actions and our conduct. We believe that kindness and love heals, and each of us have been given different gifts to share with one another to build a peaceful community.

Let us emerge from this season healthier and stronger, more informed, and build up one another in love!

All the best, and God bless you!

Dr. Adrian and Dr. Christine

Is Chiropractic Safe in the COVID-19 ERA?

The scientific community agrees that Covid transmission is most virulent when inhaled as respiratory droplets (1).  Viruses can exist on surfaces like tables, pens, and clothing if a person were to sneeze or cough on those surfaces, but is not a likely mode of transmission according to scientific consensus.  This information is essential to our clinic's daily operation.  Here's how it affects us and you...


Doctors, personnel AND patients are required at least a medical grade mask, adhere to CDC symptom guidelines, and CDC best practices for essential wearing gloves and face shields when indicated, while using sanitation protocols on surfaces.

Open rooms are now curtained, providing an additional aerosol barrier between patients, just like the plexi glass in retail environments.  We know that it's not a perfect system, but we are striving to maintain safety for all by adhering to current standards of operation so that we may live our lives with caution, not fear.

Perhaps this will be the norm for all future practices in our industry, and once again, we hope to emerge from this pandemic stronger, more informed, and gracious towards one another.

" may be possible that people can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes, but this is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads."


Got symptoms?

Fatigue, a temperature, a cold?  Even when symptoms are mild, ask yourself..."is this a good time to be sick?".


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The Prolonged Effects of Hand Sanitizer Use.

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A Guide to Post-COVID Exercise and Group Activity.

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Should I Stay

or ShouLd I go?

Got outdoor plans?  Perhaps this weather info can help.

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