March 9, 2018


Surgery is known to bring with it scar tissue.  Scar tissue results from tissues being cut in the process of performing surgery.  It feels like hard, tight skin and stiff, lumpy underlying tissue. Not only can the tissue be painful, but it can create a stiffness around joints, and make joints painful to move.  For most patients, scar tissue resolves on its own but for some, residual scar tissue can be painful and un-resolving.  In women with breast augmentation, they can have difficulty moving their arms back or even standing up straight due to scar tissue in the chest area.  For post-surgical mensicus repair, a patient may not be able to full bend and straighten their knee.  For post-C-Section, it may be difficult to sit up in bed due to pain and pulling in the abdomen.

It is often thought that the only way to relieve scar tissue is through another surgery.  However, there are four natural ways to help reduce it and reduce life-long disability.


1.  Get Moving

 As soon as possible after the surgery, once released by your doctor, get moving.  Start to move the body area around to prevent stiffness from setting in.  Slowly moving your arms or legs around helps to restore circulation and dissolve scar tissue.


2.  Stretching

Stretching helps restore normal tissue length.  After breast augmentation, it is important to stretch the pectoral area and the shoulders.  After a C-section, it is important to stretch the abdominals.  After knee surgery, the quadriceps and hamstrings need stretching. 


3.  Massage therapy

Massage therapy can help dissolve and reduce scar tissue.  A Certified Massage Therapist with experience will be able to apply pressure of the correct amount to break it up without damaging tissue.  A Physical Therapist would also be qualified but usually does not have the time.  This will need to be done over a period of 4-8 weeks, probably just once per week.  After the procedure, a week is needed to be able to allow the body to filter out the inflammatory materials.  Then, the area needs to be worked on again.


4.  Exercise

Exercise is needed to restore proper range of motion around joints, especially if the scar tissue is restricting motion.  Restoring the range of motion will allow areas to function properly and enable a person to resume their normal activities of daily living and active lifestyle. 

Breaking up scar tissue takes time.  There is a process of breaking down and rebuilding that the body has to undergo. 


The scar tissue management is a process that requires patience and an understanding therapist.  But the benefit is priceless, and worth the investment!

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