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What we do


"All staff with patient care duties are professionals, qualified, and capable.  Our high standards affect patient treatments as well as those who provide the care.  We constantly assess patient responsiveness and modify our treatment plans to achieve what is best in the individual's best interest."

"Our goal is a drug-free alternative to pain management whenever possible.  We believe in an active lifestyle that is sustainable at any age. Return to activity, work, and recreation is the outcome."


"Chiropractic and strength development is the basis for all treatments.  Nutritional support and dietary influence are also addressed, along with supportive care like Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and Physical Rehabilitation."


"We strive to understand your symptoms, not just relieving them.  Our non-force treatment options may include myofascial release therapies prior to joint manipulation or corrective movement training. Your body is layered with soft tissue that has a unique history.  The more we get to know you, the better we are at treating you."

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